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Wild Witchcraft: Folk Herbalism, Garden Magic, and Foraging for Spells, Rituals, and Remedies

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Witchcraft has always been intimately tied up with the natural world. The changing of the seasons, the cycles of the moon, and the environment and its flora and fauna have always inflected and influenced the pagan and spiritual practices of the people living in a particular region. With this new book from author Rebecca Beyer, you can learn how to get in touch with the natural world around you and begin aligning your witchcraft with your environment. Complete with instructions for starting your own magical garden and making your own tinctures, salves, teas, and more, Wild Witchcraft empowers the reader to get in touch with the earth and its magic. Beyer's years of experience as an Appalachian witch and forager make her uniquely suited to offer guidance for the budding wild witch, and by following her advice, the reader will discover spells, rituals, and remedies to help with healing, love, seasonal celebration and more.

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