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About The Dark Art Emporium

The Dark Art Emporium is an eclectic and ever-evolving mix of Fine Art and Oddities. From Dark Surrealism to New Contemporary Art, Human Skulls to Taxidermy, our elaborate rooms are filled with pieces that aren’t often found in most galleries and never presented together. 



Now in its 4th iteration, The DAE Gallery is located at 427 E. 1st St, Long Beach, CA. 

Jeremy Schott & Jeremy CrossOwners
After working as a documentarian and video director for heavy metal bands and pro wrestling, Jeremy hung up the camera to hang art on the walls.
Other Jeremy (Cross) was an artist or something and loves to put stuff on walls. 

Lauren Martin (shown in her invisible mutant form) – Gallery Director

All of our specimens and taxidermy are ethically sourced.
Artist Submission Policy

Email your submissions to

Please include the following…

  1. A brief introduction of yourself.
  2. Include work that you would like to show/sell. Please include the title, size, media, and retail selling price.
  3. Links to your website, social media, etc.
  4. Please note, we DO NOT accept digital work.

DO NOT bring in your artwork unsolicited.