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Frau Sakra

The Burning of Cattes

$550.00 USD

Artist - Frau Sakra

Medium - Ink & Watercolor in Hand Painted Frame

Size - 18.25" x 18.25"

(Text on the frame:) “The Burning of Cats as Servants of Satan / Cats are said to help witches in their service to the devil, and to feed upon the blood of said witches. When too many cats are burned over the years, rats do make copious offspring and carry the Black Death, which is suffered to spread.”
(Interior text:) “In remembrance of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth, a wicker pope fashioned with devils at his ears, filled with live cats, was set afire at Smithfield [a place of execution in London]. The cats screeched most horribly as they felt the fire. Witnesses said the screeching was conference betwixt the pope and Satan.” 

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